Chittagong, Bangladesh


Young Steps is a Chittagong based non-profit organization that aims to empower the youth and develop the community of Chittagong. It was founded by a group of students that wanted to devote their time, skills and resources to work for a cause that could change their city’s life-scape.

Bangladesh, a country where around 50% of the demographic are aged under 25 years old. With a population of 164.7 million (2019) , this is a force that can bring some crucial changes to develop the society. We aim to design sustainable programs to use this power to reform the society to eradicate the problems that can make life easier for the citizens and to help the underprivileged communities get a better life..

Community Development Resolutions:

  • Affordable Healthcare

  • Sustainable Workplace and Job Creation

  • Quality Education

  • Environment Protection

Signatories on behalf of the Young Steps Management:


  • Hamid Yasir, Dux Common, MCH (President 2015)

  • Jawad Shams, Vice Dux Common, MCH (President 2017)

  • Mohammad Iftekharul Hasan, MEMBER OF COMMON HOUSE, President 2019


“Our resolutions might seem unachievable and too far-fetched to many of you, we think that too. But we believe that, it’s always the start that matters and whatever the outcome might be, it’ll still help the community out in some way, shape or form. Thus, we want to take the first step forward, because, EVERY STEP COUNTS.”